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We are very excited to launch the True Camping Club in 2017. You can find information or become a member by clicking on the logo below.


Our aim is to offer a real camping experience in open countryside with your own campfire and a minimum of rules, regulations and 21st century fuss. At Camping Unplugged sites you won’t find electrical hook-ups, caravans, amplified music or regulated pitches. It's countryside camping as it should be.

All Camping Unplugged sites offer the same style of camping with no fixed pitches and the ability to light a fire outside your tent. Dogs are welcome on all sites and there are NO additional charges for cars, dogs or fire pits. You can buy or hire a grill and logs for your fire.

At present, Camping Unplugged runs a total of five sites to the South and West of London. There are two below the New Forest on the shores of the Solent, as well as one near the charming town of Alresford. We also have a site at Farleigh Wallop on the edge of Jane Austen country and to the East another on the Pilgrims Way just above the historic village of Lenham. They have proved very popular, and we hope to open further campsites to the North and North West of London. We will also promote other existing campsites that adhere to the principles of real camping.

Camping Unplugged currently run two types of site, there are the more established sites of Inwood, Abbotstone and White Meadow which all have the full facilities you would expect of a long term site such as flushing toilets and plumbed in showers. Then there are a number of newer and exciting 'pop-up' sites, which are run on a low-key basis, giving you the chance to camp in stunning, untouched countryside.

All Camping Unplugged sites are set in beautiful landscapes sited on historic estates. This provides the perfect environment to re-connect with nature in the company of family and friends.

We believe camping is all about digital detoxing and home building in the wild. However we all need a few basic luxuries so our campsites provide a minimum of hot showers and flushing toilets. Some will offer much more!

Most of our campsites offer Bushcraft activities including foraging, fire-lighting and carving. Check out the individual sites to see what is on offer.

Click on ‘Unplugged Campsites’ to find out more about our different sites.

We are always looking for new sites to operate, provide booking services or set up on a Pop-Up basis. If you are a Landowner and would be interested in generating additional income on a sustainable basis we would be very happy to talk to you.