Who are we?

John Allison late of finance and Nick Welch late of advertising, abandoned the city and set up their first campsite at Forgewood near Tunbridge Wells in 2009. It was very much a family affair with all members of their families being dragged in at some point to help out. Things have changed now that Forgewood is no longer, Kate is now Operations Manager for Camping Unplugged and looks forward to continuing to work with all her friends and acquaintances. Mark Jerred-Nixon is well established at Inwood, not only managing the site but playing a key role designing and producing our logos and signs and still has the time to regularly exhibit his own work. Sid Stephenson has made Abbotstone his home and is always in evidence with his unbridled enthusiasm for all that is natural. Our newer sites are rapidly developing their own style and new people will come on board to define the individuality of the campsites they will come to make their own. Ian Gardner with his years of experience developing complex applications continues to develop our booking system.

Our Philosophy

We set out to offer people the chance to camp in natural countryside without defined pitches and excessive rules and regulations. We allowed sensible campfires and sensible dogs, and as far as possible let campers get on with making their own worlds in the countryside. All we provided was a bit of land and a pleasant atmosphere, plus a few decent loos and showers, which are mostly taken away at the end of the season.

OK, you can get wood, firelighters, marshmallows and even ice cubes for that restoring G&T, but this stripped down, low impact approach proved quite popular, and a year or so later we opened another site at Inwood south of Basingstoke, then Abbotstone and White Meadow. Last year we started Lower Lepe by the beach in August and Lordswood, which will be the big new thing in Kent.

Obviously all the sites have their differences, but they share the same basic approach that we developed at Forgewood, and are now part of Camping Unplugged.

We set up Camping Unplugged to manage, new sites, and to provide a framework for creating the kind of camping that we like all over the country.

Whatever happens you can be sure that any of our Camping Unplugged Sites will offer you real countryside camping with a chance to sit round your own campfire with plenty of space and not surrounded by caravans and mobile homes.