Click on the image below for a drone video of Abbotstone campsite:

Breaking News

We are very excited to launch the True Camping Club in 2017. You can find information or become a member by clicking on the logo below.


If it wasn't bad enough already, 2017 is proving to be tough going for Camping Unplugged!

The really bad news is that after three years of happy camping at White Meadow, The New Forest National Park Planning Authority decided that they did not want any more campsites and closed down the White Meadow Campsite. So for the time being there will be no camping on the Solent. Sorry!

The better news is that we enjoy fantastic support from the Portsmouth Estate (Inwood) and while we have a few technical planning issues to sort out this year, we have found alternative sites on the estate which we will operate under the 28 day rule for the 2017 season. There still remains a chance that we might get planning by the summer holidays for Inwood, but in the meantime we will transport and build facilities to ensure that we can offer the Inwood experience on the Portsmouth Estate throughout the season.

Which is where the True Camping Club becomes so important. If we can attract enough members and get approval from Natural England to camp for 60 days under their exemption rules, we will not only be able to extend the time we can remain on these sites, but we might actually get the planners to understand that our sort of camping really is very different from the traditional Camping & Caravan Parks which currently scar the landscape and impose all sorts of rules and conditions on their visitors.

If you want any more information please send an email to or post a message on our Facebook Page.