There are some things that you can't be bothered to buy so we thought it might be useful if you can just hire them for the weekend. Everything on this page can be booked using our booking application. Just click on the logo below:

Campfire Grills

These grills are completely brilliant, and not a single barbecue we have had since we started using them has failed. The key points are, they are designed to work on campfires, they have a ridge round the edge to stop your sausages falling into the fire and most importantly the ability to swing the whole grill off the fire when things get too hot - the normal crash point of most barbecues. This is how you avoid the classic burnt on the outside, raw in the middle feature of a lot of BBQ food.

Whilst available to buy online and on our sites, you will also be able to rent a grill for the duration of your stay. For a small grill which would fit a feast for four people £5.00 a night, for the larger banquet fitting grill £7.50.

Logs For Your Fire

You can pre-order logs and pay for them online to make sure they are waiting for you at check in. You can buy kindling and fire lighters at reception.

Tents for Hire

Don't worry, Camping Unplugged is not about to go all glamping! But we do get a lot of requests from people that are joining group camps who don't camp regularly and don't want to buy a tent. And there are always those that simply want to hire a nice tent for the weekend. We have purchased what we believe are the best tents available for simple real camping. All the tents are inflatable and include a 5 person, a 4 person and a two person. Both the smaller tents are also blackout tents so you or your kids don't get dazzled in the morning.

The tents need to be paid for in advance and must be booked at least two weeks before arrival. When you collect the tent you will be asked for a deposit, fully refundable on departure. The idea is you put the tent up, which is very simple and we take it down. That way you can put it where you like.

Wiggy's Sleeping Bags

These sleeping bags are legendary in the US - having tried them out, we are convinced of their absolute quality. Roomy, with a fully zippable square end, they are more than a match for the most inclement weather and all you will ever need for a warm night under canvas.

We will be offering these fantastic bags to rent for your stay, if it is a "try before you buy" or you just can't face another chilly night they will be on site and waiting for you in 2016.