What is the best way to book?
You can book all Camping Unplugged campsites through our website. Just go to the bookings page on this site or on the individual website of your chosen campsite.
Do I need to book in advance?
Yes, all campers need to book in advance. Most weekends between May and August sell out before the end of May. If you just show up, there is a good chance that we may not have room for you
What date are you open from?
All established campsites (White Meadow, Inwood and Abbotstone) will be open from Easter until the last day of September. The Pop-Up sites will have shorter opening times; check the individual campsites for exact dates.
What are your check-in times?
Our policy is very relaxed, but if you want a rule, any time after midday on your day of arrival. On your day of departure we ask that you vacate your pitch by mid-day, but will normally be happy to extend this on a Sunday.
What is the booking process?
All Camping Unplugged bookings are made through our booking system, while not wishing to make things unduly complicated the booking process is made up of several stages.
  1. You need to register with Camping Unplugged after which you can register a booking, depending on availability for the campsite of your choice.
  2. Having entered your booking into the booking system, and you are good to proceed, you can pay the deposit via PayPal. Once the deposit has been paid the booking is confirmed. If availability is tight the system will ask you to wait for an email confirmation of the booking before you can pay your deposit. This is so that we do not oversell the campsite.
  3. You have the option of paying in full for all bookings but for groups of 12 and over we require that the full amount is paid at least 28 days before arrival. If this is not paid there is a chance that the booking will be cancelled.
  4. If you need to contact us with regard to your booking you can email us using the email function within the booking system. This ensures your email will get a response and we know all correspondence that we have had with you in respect of a particular booking.
When a campsite is sold out, do you have a waiting list for cancellations?
Sorry but at the moment we do not have the technology to enable us to do this, so for the time being, no. If spaces become available we may re-open bookings in which case you can check for availability at Camping Unplugged.
What is PayPal?
PayPal is a global organization which facilitates online payments. They also provide online payments should you choose to use them, but they will also accept all major credit and debit cards to make payments to people like us.
Why do I have to sign up with PayPal?
Camping Unplugged does not want to hold anyone's payment details or personal financial information. By using PayPal your financial information never goes anywhere, so the risk of fraud is greatly reduced. You can still use your normal credit and debit cards to make the actual payment.
Can I transfer my booking if I decide not to visit on the days I have booked for?
Sorry, but we cannot transfer bookings unless the relevant notice is given. Bookings for individuals can be amended if 28 days notice is given and groups, 90 days notice. No transfers or refunds can be offered in any circumstances if the notice is not given.
I want to book, but I need time to pay the deposit?
Send us an email after you have booked and explain the situation. We may be able to hold the booking for a time until you pay the deposit.