Can I have a campfire?
You are welcome to light fires in the designated fire-pits and we can provide bags of logs (£5 each) and kindling (please do not forage for timber as this upsets the ecological balance of the woods). Please ensure that you read our fire safety guidelines and abide with any campsite specific restrictions. These can be found on the relevant campsite website.
Can we have a BBQ?
All our campsites allow open fires and BBQs. All we ask is that you put your fire on an existing fire pit if there is one available. Fire dotted fields are not attractive!
Can we bring our own wood?
If you happen to be a tree surgeon you are welcome to bring your own. We do believe our wood is competitively priced therefore we do not recommend buying sacks from Homebase or the local garage. Our wood is cheaper! The only restriction is that you cannot bring scrap joinery e.g. painted doors and window frames. The idea is a campfire, not a bonfire.
Can we scavenge for wood?
Sorry but no. We have a duty to preserve the ecology of the woods as well as ensuring fires do not get out of control. There may well be some lovely big logs lying around, but these are not for burning. Please use your common sense, as we will insist fires are put out if they become a nuisance or danger.